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The website is the property of the Luxembourg State and is edited by the Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy of the Ministry of State (SMC).

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This website www.digital-luxembourg.lu provides a unique, non-commercial access to news about the collaborative government initiative “Digital Luxembourg” and the country’s digital efforts, which it strengthens and guides.

The Renow standardisation reference system

Renow is the official standardisation referential for the websites of the Luxembourg government. This website has been created following its recommendations.

Renow is intended to guide and assist public organisations in the area of web quality. It is based on experiences gained within the framework of government’s web projects over the past few years and on the evolution of standards recognised at international level.

Renow includes numerous standardisation aspects, in particular:

  • quality standards for all of the State’s websites (functional aspects, common features for instance "Contact", "Feedback", etc. – ergonomic aspects, accessibility aspects, aspects concerning the architecture of information, functional design and graphic design aspects – including the implementation of a corporate identity – technical aspects, with the implementation of a central infrastructure);
  • project management aspects, by suggesting an adaptation (or "tailoring") of the project management referential QUAPITAL-HERMES.


The Renow team takes great care to ensure the best quality and accessibility levels. This website is compliant with the Renow Referential (Web Normalization Referential of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).

Accessibility statement

The Luxembourg Government purses the objective to make its sites accessible to the greatest possible number of people. Read more about our accessibility policy (in french) on the website renow.public.lu.

This site is compliant with these principles and we are committed to improve the accessibility to the contents in order to avoid any discrimination in terms of access to information. If you experience any difficulties accessing information, please contact the Renow team.