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    Sep 2021

    Luxembourg | Kirchberg | ECCL

    ICT Sping Europe 2021

    ICT Spring

    ICT Spring is a global tech conference hosting an array of international professionals. It offers the participants a unique opportunity to deepen their AI knowledge, capture the value of the fast-growing FinTech, drive innovation in the Supply Chain industry, pierce the secrets of IT Security and explore the impact of Space technologies on terrestrial businesses.

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    Oct 2021

    Luxembourg | Kirchberg | LuxExpo & online

    Connecting tomorrow 5G, broadband and beyond

    Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy

    Following the two successful conferences focusing on 5G, the Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy is pleased to announce a third conference, covering many communications-related topics from 5G to broadband technologies, as well as future technologies that are currently discussed or even developed to meet future network and communication needs: quantum key distribution, 6G,…

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    Nov 2021

    digital event

    Luxembourg Internet Days 2021


    Network Security & Cloud Security will once again crystallise our attention with technical and pragmatic discussions throughout the three days (16-18 Nov) to help you stay on top of evolving threats and current trends, and help identify the most appropriate solutions to overcome the challenges you are facing.

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    Nov 2021

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    EU Open Data Days 2021


    Participate in the first edition of the EU Open Data Days 2021 from 23-25 November 2021. This unique event will serve as a knowledge hub, bringing the benefits of open data to the EU public sector, and through it to people and businesses. Get inspired and discover the latest trends and most innovative solutions!