This Masterclass will give an in-depth insight into potential usage of drones for short distance freight transport.

For the participants, the objective of the training is to learn how to integrate drones in their future logistics operations. The participants will learn how to assess and understand the regulatory aspects of any logistic commercial service offer that include drone delivery. The Masterclass will enable the participants during dedicated set of workshops to develop a potential “drone logistic” pilot in the frame of one of the Luxembourg 5G testbeds.

The orators are all worldwide experts in drone logistics & operations, air regulation applied to UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle). The exhaustive list of orators and the detailed program is available under “trainers”.

DTV Capacity Building is powering this Maserclass organised by LuxMobilty with the support of Eurocontrol.

LuxMobility is a leading international consultancy company within the field of mobility, logistics and sustainable transport in Europe. LuxMobility aims to play a major role in providing solutions for the growing mobility problems in cities worldwide. LuxMobility is a sister company of Netherlands’ based DTV Consultants.

The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation widely known as Eurocontrol is an international institution that assures a safe and seam less air traffic management. Eurocontrol is responsible for the coordination and planning of all air traffic control in Europe.

Translation from English to French and French to English is provided.

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