Free training course CodeKlass invites students of any academic or professional orientation to explore the world of coding & programming. The program, which launches its first installment July 9, 2018, will bring together up to 25 students for 10 full days of training & discovery.

A taste of the coding world

For some, this will be a deeper look at an area they are planning to study. For others, it could be their first introduction to the topic. Either way, students will gain value from coming face to face with the power of coding & programming in our world today. By the end of the course, they will have learned the basics of HTML, CSS & Javascript; launched a personal website & developed a multiplayer game.

The universal relevance of programming

NumericALL will support the training using the Webforce3 method. These courses will be a lighter format than the intensive curriculum NumericALL offers in partnership with ADEM as part of Fit4Coding. CodeKlass’s goal is to make young people aware of the appeal that coding & programming offers, regardless of where they plan to head professionally. The first pilot installment will be held in Walferdange, July 9-20, Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00.

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