In 2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Digital Luxembourg & the Service des Sites et Monuments Nationaux are highlighting cultural architectural heritage via new technologies. Digital Luxembourg supports the use of new technologies in a cultural context, combining tradition & tech.

Experiencing heritage via VR

A mobile Virtual Reality pavilion will be open to the public at different locations throughout the Grand Duchy, illuminating Vianden’s architectural heritage through VR. Yet another example of how digitalization facilitates access, in this case to heritage, Digital Luxembourg hopes for more such applications. With new technologies, exhibitions turn into experiences. 

VR here to stay

Digital Luxembourg & the Luxembourg Film Fund have teamed up to launch a permanent VR cinema at the Casino Luxembourg. This theater will give the public access to new technologies, stimulate VR content creation & merge art with technology. To support this move, VR conferences are a part of this year’s LuxFilmFestival.

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