At the extracurricular Luxembourg Tech School, 15-20-year-old students fan their passions for the digital realm & hone their skills in tech application. The program, which rotates between different schools, lets 35 pupils dive into coding, game development & big data analysis. These digital leaders of tomorrow simultaneously learn how to run a project from start to finish to commercialization.

Growing into its own

The initial pilot project, supported by Digital Luxembourg & the Ministry of Education, Children & Youth, continues to blossom. Originally a 12-month course, its presence in the community has expanded, turning LuxTechSchool into a valuable member of the local ecosystem. LuxTechSchool never stops looking for new opportunities to empower future digital technology professionals. Its 3 times 3 months program does just that in the fields of gaming, big data & fintech. 

A part of the ecosystem

Its participants presented their big data analyses at ICT Spring & developed future banking apps during the LHoFT’s hackathon. In 2017, its video game development competition, held in collaboration with Technoport, proved that it was possible for teams of young people to create professional-quality video games from scratch in a matter of 12 weeks. 

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