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Launched by the prime minister as a public initiative, Digital Luxembourg drives positive transformation via digitalization. It exists to strengthen & unify the nation’s digital efforts. While the Ministry of State’s Department for Media, Telecommunications & Digital Policy (SMC) officially oversees the initiative, Digital Luxembourg has grown far beyond any one team or ministry: it represents & belongs to the digital movement & its collaborators.

While the Digital Luxembourg team does have a budget allocated to kickstarting new initiatives, its contributions come in many forms: connecting project owners with the right partners & boosting the visibility of their endeavors, for example.

This website features Luxembourg’s public-private partnerships & public initiatives related to digitalization. It unifies the country’s digitalization movement, summarizes the nation’s progress & brings visibility to its many innovators. This is a comprehensive national overview, so we did not limit it solely to initiatives supported by Digital Luxembourg or the managing department (SMC). As you explore the database of projects & content, you’ll see that it revolves around connectivity, skills, data, new technologies, ecosystem & government.

If your concept would benefit significantly from a public partnership or has the potential to positively impact the entire nation, we may be able to help. Please send us a short description of your project, including how it will benefit Luxembourg, your projected next steps & what you need to make them happen.

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