Luxembourg’s progress hinges on innovators bringing their ideas to life. Each time a discovery slips through the cracks, an opportunity is lost. Digital Luxembourg helps get promising projects off the ground. We clear a path to success by securing the necessary connections, resources and conditions. Once these initiatives are off and running we hand off the baton to the ideal project owner.

Man using his Apple watch

A lifeline for impactful ideas

Without the essentials, it can be tough for even the best ideas to flourish. We provide seed support to initiatives with the potential to benefit the country. Sometimes access to government agencies, big-picture insight or minor funding makes all the difference. With its unique multidisciplinary positioning and horizontal reach, Digital Luxembourg multiplies chances for success.

Seamless transitions from idea to reality mean faster nationwide transformation. Our understanding of the government’s global digitalization strategy lets us identify initiatives that move the entire country forward. By pinpointing gaps and coordinating development efforts, Luxembourg makes progress, project by project.