A new intake of students for the Smart ICT for Business Innovation university certificate, developed by the University of Luxembourg and the ILNAS, began work this week at the Esch/Belval campus.

The students and professionals in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) sector were there for the first lecture on the foundations of Smart ICT technologies, given by Dr Jean-Philippe Humbert, Deputy Director of the ILNAS. They were able to discover the overall context of the university certificate and the key concepts to be covered in the course of the year. The class also laid the foundations for students to consider the issue of the innovation project they will be developing during a business internship.

Generally, the university certificate deals with various aspects of Smart ICTs and their applications, including Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data. Alongside these developments, the concepts of information security, ICT governance, and awareness of the environmental issues raised and resolved by ICTs also form an integral part of the syllabus.

Thus, throughout the year, working for the certificate will prepare the students for the challenges facing the ICT sector through six modules and an innovation project carried out during a business internship based on one or more of the technologies studied:

Smart ICT concepts

The foundations of Smart ICTs

Business innovation

Fundamental knowledge and tools related to business innovation

Technical standardisation

Standardisation in the ICT field and its economic advantages at the national and international levels

Digital intelligence

Technological trends, opportunities and challenges for Smart ICTs

Smart platforms

Technological platforms that allow the creation of products and processes supporting current and future developments in the digital world (Cloud Computing, Smart Cities, Green ICTs)

Smart interactions

Smart interactions that allow the exchange, collection and analysis of data, incorporating requirements in terms of digital trust (Internet of Things & Sensor Networks, Smart Cyber Physical Systems & Robotics, Big Data & analytics, Digital Trust)

Internship and Certificate report

Internship and presentation of report on an innovation project carried out during the business internship

Thanks to the educational and scientific experience of the University of Luxembourg, the knowledge of standardisation on the part of the ILNAS, and contributions from a number of international experts, the certificate offers an innovative approach to the fields of smart ICTs by combining technology, standardisation and innovation.

The Smart ICT for Business Innovation university certificate developed by the University of Luxembourg and the ILNAS is supported by a number of national and European organisations, which are also involved in getting the course off to a good start: the Ministry of the Economy, CEN-CENELEC, ETSI, the Chamber of Commerce, Digital Luxembourg, Fedil ICT and the Technoport. DELL, as an industrial partner supporting the course, is also contributing to its success.

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