Discover new innovations, meet business leaders & visit Digital Luxembourg’s booth

What do CEOs, entrepreneurs, public officials and VCs have in common? For starters, they will all be in the same place on May 3 & 4. 

Arch Summit, Tomorrow Street’s first global tech event, will bring a diverse group of leaders and innovators together for two days of panel discussions, exhibitions, speeches, pitches and conversation.

Rarely do high-level executives, government representatives and small startup teams cross paths. In fact, these segments often occupy completely different worlds.

By coming together, all parties gain value and make progress that they may not have made alone: business leaders learn about new innovations and solutions, startups secure support or market entry, public officials hear first-hand what ecosystem members need.

The valuable conversations and critical connections that will take place during these two days at Luxexpo have the potential to breed success stories that will have a lasting positive impact on the community.

The simple yet powerful concept of bringing different groups together for mutually beneficial value creation exemplifies Digital Luxembourg’s focus.

“We work to eliminate the silos that for many years have characterized how society operates. This initiative of Tomorrow Street strengthens that effort and propels Luxembourg further in the right direction, we are pleased to take part in an event that shares our belief in the power of collaboration.”

Noemi Bausch

Arch Summit itself is a result of collaboration, with Vodafone and Technoport both contributing their networks, support and insight to help bring the event to life.

Digital Luxembourg will have a booth at the event where attendees can stop by to learn more about the local startup ecosystem, the country’s digitalization efforts and Digital Luxembourg’s role. For those who simply want an enjoyable place to relax, stop by our enclosed, modern space for a coffee in an enjoyable atmosphere.

All members of the public are welcome to attend the event. For free tickets, enter our discount code extra on the Arch Summit website.

With over 200 booths, €250,000 in no-strings-attached startup funding up for grabs and guests flying in from around the world, Luxexpo will soon be buzzing with lively conversation.

“It’s great to see Vodafone, a large, international organization, commit to having a positive impact on the local ecosystem, in this case via Tomorrow Street. Clearly, public-private partnerships like this one are uniquely equipped to contribute to the country’s economy. We hope there will be many more to come!”

Noemi Bausch

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