To wrap up our #DigitalWellbeing series, we asked Luxembourg locals how they plan to disconnect over the holidays.

Are you kidding me?! Phones on Christmas Day?! This is a day to be with your family, talk, laugh, eat, play games and exchange gifts. Schéi Chrëschtdeeg an e scheint neit Joer!

EMILY (Student)

Over the festive period I will take some time to “recharge the batteries” by ensuring that I do not check my work e-mails every few minutes….It’s easy to stay fully connected in a connected world, but it’s smart to disconnect during the traditional festive period; to relax, laugh and have fun. I encourage others to do the same.

NINIAN (Global Supply Chain Director & CEO @ Vodafone Procurement)

With all the devices and various apps, it is very easy to forget people, particularly the ones who love and support you the most, so I am planning on disconnecting from screens and reconnecting with my family. To connect with myself, I meditate, which gives me a deeper awareness of both myself and what is happening around me.

DANIEL (Business Analyst @

Working in tech, it is really difficult for me to be 100% digitally disconnected. However, disconnecting at least from social media is very important, which is why I would recommend turning on your phone’s airplane mode and enjoy magical moments with loved ones.

ANUSH (Lead Coach @ Luxembourg Tech School)

I’ll be away between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and since I really don’t want to work during that period, I’ll leave my laptop at home. I know this won’t be enough as I’ll still receive work e-mails and social media messages on my phone. Anyway, I went to CID Femmes, one of my favorite libraries in Luxembourg and borrowed “The Lost Child” by Elena Ferrante. My aim is to read it over the holidays.

MARINA (Director & Co-founder @WIDE)

I’m taking two weeks off to go skiing. I don't know if I’ll succeed, but the idea is to use my mobile devices as little as possible over that period. It helps a lot to disconnect and recharge your batteries. I will definitely have to check my professional e-mail accounts once a week, but that’s all. For the rest (personal usage), I've bought several books to keep me off my mobile devices, and I’ll also try to leave my phone at home as much as possible when I’m out.

DIEGO (CEO @ Technoport SA)

I’m going to give social media a break, especially posting pictures of food during Christmas dinner with my family and friends. At mealtimes I’m planning a fun game called “phone-free Christmas.” Everyone has to put their phone in a basket and whoever leaves it there the longest, wins. I’m also going to take time to go upstairs or cross the street and wish my lovely neighbors a Merry Christmas in person. Lastly, I’m aiming not to get stressed if I don’t respond to everyone who writes to me on social media.

SANDY (Civil Servant @ the Ministry of Culture)

I won’t completely disconnect because I like to follow the news on my phone. I will, however, be leaving my mobile at home and I won’t be checking work e-mails.

BOB (Municipal Civil Servant @ Luxembourg City)

I have ordered a really long novel - “Rotes Licht” (Red Light) by Maxim Kantor - that has absolutely nothing to do with work. During the holidays, I like to put my phone on flight mode, take some time off, sit back and enjoy reading for a few hours without any interruptions.

LUC (Director of SCRIPT @ Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques)

I plan to reread the novel “Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, from the eyes of the immersive experience “Frankenstein AI” by Lance Weiler, to answer the question: What does it mean to be human? While we are in the race to create an Artificial General Intelligence, it is important to stay connected to human reality. Then, once built, it will not become a monster!

SERGIO (Founder & Lead Coach @ Luxembourg Tech School)

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