After a very successful first run in 2017, the Virtual Reality pavilion will return to casino luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain with a diverse and ambitious new programme. in a luxembourg first, the pavilion will feature two internationally acclaimed VR experiences that blend live performance with immersive technology, showcasing the dazzling creative opportunities of this new artistic medium. Round table discussions with local and international artists and VR experts will celebrate and explore these opportunities as well as the skills, distribution platforms and funding they require to thrive. in another first, the pavilion will premiere luxembourg VR thriller Finding Jakob (director: olivier pesch, production: samsa Film), an interactive short film supported by Film Fund luxembourg. a colourful selection of VR films of all genres, on display on state-of-the-art headsets, will round off the programme of the pavilion.

Opening Schedule :

10 h


10 h 15

Welcome by Guy Daleiden, CEO, Film Fund

10 h 30 Panel 1

VR installations and experiences – a new frontier in cultural creation?

14 h 30 Panel 2

Developing and distributing immersive VR in 2018 and beyond!

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