Summer is the time for rest, relaxation and…upskilling.

With batteries recharged from a well-earned vacation or a little extra headspace thanks to a lighter workload, consider updating your LinkedIn profile with a new set of skills.

Inevitably, technological innovation will continue reshaping the workplace (and rewriting job descriptions). E-skills are the key to future-proofing careers in this ever-changing digital economy.

One of Digital Luxembourg’s chief priorities is to promote digital skills, education, training and jobs across Luxembourg, working toward its vision of digital literacy and tech-savviness for all citizens.

In a country that has ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship fever, there is no shortage of resources available for people looking to upskill and pave the way for fresh opportunities.

This summer, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and the European Social Fund, and as part of the Digi4All Program, Digital Inclusion is running summer schools and workshops in multiple languages.

Its Digital Employability Summer School (in English from July 16-27 and French from August 20-31) will share best practices for finding and applying for jobs in Luxembourg using online tools, as well as encouraging them to get creative and proactive by building their own websites.

In addition to eight-session courses in computer essentials (available in English, German and Portuguese), Digital Inclusion is holding courses for absolute beginners in Arabic, Amharic and Tigrinya.

Sleeves Up, a project launched by Touchpoints, is ready to kit out the country’s newcomers with a different set of “e” skills this summer: entrepreneurial skills. From August 20-24, Sleeves Up will host its Initiation to Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg workshop covering topics from administrative procedures to business planning and pitching. With individualized mentoring and follow-up, it will certainly get the ball rolling for aspiring entrepreneurs and future successful businesses.

As summer temperatures rise, so does our excitement about all things digital!

Across Luxembourg, passionate mentors, coaches and trainers stand ready to share their knowledge. Now the question remains, are you ready to learn? Your new, future-proof career awaits.

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