The Luxembourg start-up is to join the world’s biggest start-up incubator, in Paris, by the summer. aims to use technology to revolutionize recruitment habits, particularly with regard to developers, starting with the markets in the Grand Duchy and France.

Luxembourg City, 30 March - has found a strategic place for carrying out its development on the French market. The Luxembourg start-up, whose platform aims to promote the digital transformation of the process for recruiting developers, will be joining the renowned French incubator Station F by the summer.

Station F - strategic place for development in France has been invited to join the start-up eco-system in Paris, with its Fellowship programme. “Even before the platform was launched, we were already thinking about the next stages in our development”, says Eric Busch, founder and CEO of “Although the Grand Duchy is our prime market, we would like to move into the French market very soon. In that respect, we felt that Station F and its community of digital entrepreneurs was the perfect place for us to move towards that development.”

The announcement comes just days after the visit to the incubator founded by Xavier Niel by the Grand Duke and his wife, accompanied by a ministerial delegation, on 20 March. During this State visit to France it was stressed that it would be advantageous for the eco-system if the Luxembourg start-up could join Station F.

Better understanding of the needs of the Paris market

By joining the incubator, will develop a regular presence in Paris. The start-up will then find it easier to reach out to the many stakeholders seeking development skills, which are generally considered to be becoming increasingly rare. “We are going to be able to gain a more direct appreciation of the needs and expectations of the Paris market, which will make us better at reaching out, via our platform, to organisations looking for skills and putting them in touch with the many developers who are looking for new opportunities”, says Grégory Herbé, a partner in

Revolutionising recruitment in the development field positions itself as the first-choice platform for finding profiles specialising in the technological innovation cutting-edge jobs require. “The aim of this platform is to revolutionise the way recruitment usually works nowadays. To achieve this, we have started out from what job applicants expect from recruiters looking for cutting-edge skills. Via the platform, we want to be in a position to make it easier for innovative organisations to maintain sustainable, quality relations with the members of our community make sure they are able to find the right profile to meet their requirements at any time”, says Grégory Herbé.

A platform for Franco-Luxembourgish technology

The platform uses leading-edge technologies to promote a quality relationship between job applicants and recruiters. “The platform was created on the basis of technology developed in the Grand Duchy that we have developed further, mainly by incorporating the Algolia search engine, the CodinGame platform, and the InterviewUp CV video platform. These three companies come to us from French Tech. Our platform is the result of a great association of French and Luxembourgish technologies”, says Eric Busch, CEO and founder of

250 job applicants on-board for launch on 5 April
The service linked to the platform will be launched officially on 5 April, with between 250 and 300 job applicants whose developer profiles have been selected and validated. ”Half the profiles are from the geographical areas neighbouring the Grand Duchy; the other half are from further afield”, says Eric Busch. “Although the development of the platform will start in the Grand Duchy, where the economy is having to cope with growing demand for skills in the digital field - and particularly in development - we are looking beyond the Grand Duchy’s borders. We are developing a pan-European approach. And we have a lot to learn from being close to French Tech stakeholders, particularly in a position at the very heart of this very active eco-system.”

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