Luxembourg start-up Nomoko was founded in March 2016. It aims to create 3D models to a level of such precision that the naked eye cannot distinguish them from reality. We caught up with the start-up’s three co-founders.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Nomoko?

Nomoko is the brainchild of its three co-founders: Nilson Kufus, Kevin Mersch and Vincent Pedrini. Nilson came up with the idea originally. He wondered how to create a compact and light high-resolution camera which would allow the creation of 3D content to be automatised.

We were convinced then, and we still are, that 3D data is the future!

What are you particularly proud of to date?

Of the three of us! In less than eighteen months we have created a company, employed fifteen staff members, raised capital and have succeeded in attracting the interest of world leaders through our innovation.

What are your future plans?

First, finalise the technology with our partners and then draw up an initial proof of concept demonstrating the commercial potential and showing the impact of Nomoko on the future of the video games industry, virtual reality and the automobile sector.

What do you love most about Luxembourg?

The close geographical proximity of companies to each other as well as the willingness to be flexible and adopt legislation if necessary.

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