Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time. Given in particular the continuous demographic and economic growth over the past decades in Luxembourg, a more sustainable lifestyle as well as a reduction of resources used have to become key issues in order to guarantee the country’s well-being in the future.

In particular, Open Data and the derived knowledge are important enablers of a more sustainable development for Luxembourg. We believe in a hacker approach to sustainability: getting excited and building things, using open data and code, using computer technology in new and creative ways to change Luxembourg for the better.

We expect from the Challenge teams new apps, services and visualisations that make use of or create Open Data to improve our social, economic and environmental behavior, for instance in terms of mobility, quality of life, or environmental footprint.

Some examples of data that could be relevant for this topic include:

Public transport with real-time public transport data;

  • Data about zero and low emission vehicles, and public charging points for electric vehicles;
  • Suitability of public road infrastructure for cycling;
  • Land use plans
  • Real-time environment data: air pollution indexes, flooding data, 3D datasets;
  • Crowdsourced real time sensor networks to measure the environment;
  • Social cohesion statistics and housing data;
  • Public health statistics;
  • Sustainable tourism information.

Challenge participants are expected to make use of one or more datasets contained in the Open Data Portal of Luxembourg (, sponsored by the “Digital Luxembourg” initiative. The best projects published as a reuse on the portal will get the opportunity to pitch to us for the development of their proof of concept into a finished product.

For more details about the Open Data Challenge 2018

Visit the website
Visit the website

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