From 14 to 18 November 2016, the National Commission for Data Protection (Commission nationale pour la protection des données - CNPD) and the media and communications department (Service des médias et des communications - SMC) organised a number of information sessions at the Chamber of Commerce on the impact of the new general regulations on data protection in certain key sectors of the Luxembourg economy.

The sessions were part of a series of special events under the umbrella of the Digital Lëtzebuerg initiative, the aim being to present the new regulations to the various stakeholders concerned and to guide them in their implementation.

Throughout this week devoted to data protection, speakers specialising in the fields of finance, health and information technologies addressed the concerns of data processors and subcontractors and answered their questions. One session, held at the Technoport in Esch-Belval, was specifically devoted to start-ups, since they are increasingly important in the Grand Duchy.

Starting on 25 May 2018, the new rules – which will replace the current 1995 Directive – will be directly applicable in all the member States of the European Union, including the Grand Duchy, and will apply to all the players active in the country. The aim of the new regulation is to give ordinary citizens more control over their personal data, to make businesses adopt greater responsibility while reducing their administrative workload, and to reinforce the role of data protection authorities such as the CNPD.

Communication from the Media and Communications Department (SMC) / National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD)

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