As part of the Digital Lëtzebuerg initiative, the Media and Communication Department of Luxembourg’s Department of State and the Land Registry and Topography Department have come up with a new map of the ultra-high-bandwidth coverage of the country.

For the first time, the data gathered by the network operators provides an insight into local availability and the rate of ultra-high-bandwidth coverage in each municipality.

The data confirms the excellent position of the Grand-Duchy in terms of national connectivity: One notes for instance that in each municipality, be it located in an urban or rural environment, at least 4 in 5 households can have access to ultra-high-bandwidth (30Mbit/s and above). Better still, in 84 out of 105 municipalities, this rate reaches 95%.

In 27 municipalities, ultra-high-bandwidth connectivity at speeds of 1 Gbit/s is accessible to more than half of the households.

I salute the efforts that have been made by the various operators of electronic communications services to contribute towards meeting the coverage targets set by the national strategy for ultra-high-bandwidth networks, including in rural areas. I call upon the operators to join forces now to overcome the last major hurdle to the deployment of ultra-high-bandwidth internet access, to wit the adequate cabling of apartment buildings. Making ultra-high-bandwidth internet accessible to everyone is a key aim of Digital Lëtzebuerg.

Xavier Bettel, prime minister of Luxembourg

The best connected municipalities in Luxembourg are Hobscheid, Leudelange and Walferdange.

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