Welcome to Digital Luxembourg’s " What The Tech?!" series! As the tech landscape gets vaster and more advanced by the second, most sectors are turning towards tech solutions to provide 21st century services. Stay in the know this summer as we break it down for you tech-by-tech, and show you the Luxembourg innovators making technology happen.
This Week: FoodTech

Despite spending a while near the bottom of the tech food chain, the world has now built up a healthy appetite for FoodTech.

Food delivery and restaurant reservation apps are just the tip of the iceberg lettuce when it comes to disrupting the food sector. FoodTech in fact has tremendous potential to change the world, improve food production and enable us to live more sustainably.

Indoor vertical farms, microfarm ecosystems in homes and low-energy alternatives to conventional refrigeration are just some of the planet-friendly innovations that are making an impact.

With approximately 30 percent of the world’s food produced for human consumption going to waste, one of the most critical areas to address is food waste. This shocking statistic has driven entrepreneurs to develop methods to extend the shelf life of fresh produce as well as explore innovative ways to redistribute food surplus.
What better place to think creatively about food than one of the top gastronomic destinations in the world? Check out some of the hungry FoodTech innovators cooking up a storm in Luxembourg:


Software company that helps supermarkets reduce food waste by promoting nearly-expired products via its app. With inspiring recipes to boot, everyone wins.


Groundbreaking blockchain technology and AI solution designed to create “trustable and transparent” information about food products. By scanning the product’s QR code, you can find out its composition, origin and even allergens. It also delivers updates on expired products in your fridge and traces contaminated food batches.

WikiFood  (LIST)

Winner of the FoodTech Award at the 2017 Food Summit, Wikifood is a collaborative platform that facilitates the exchange of information on food products (specifically allergens) between producers, retailers, nutritional experts and consumers.

So, what’s next for FoodTech? Quite a lot actually: synthetic agriculture and the juiciest burgers made purely of insects…3D food printing…robot chefs preparing gourmet meals in our homes…smart appliances. And what about smart food? Or food that makes us smarter? Now there’s an idea…

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