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Gilles Feith

Patrick Houtsch

Public Services

Digitalization unlocks a new era in public services for citizens and businesses. The opportunities it brings are transforming the country at every level, including within its government.

New digital tools allow us to simplify procedures, improving both internal efficiency and, consequently, the quality of public services. Effective digital communication channels create a positive dynamic between ministries and citizens, and among government entities. Our internal digitalization and digital public service priorities result entirely from collaboration. The issues we choose to tackle originate with government entities and citizens. Across the administration, our goal is simply to make your life better through services that are simple, streamlined and secure. 

key objectives


Digital First

If it’s new, it’s digital.Ensuring that new administrative procedures are 100% digital. No going backwards


Only Once

Why be redundant?Promoting data sharing between ministries so citizens never have to provide details twice



Track your data.Making systems transparent so that members of the public can see who is using their data and why


Single Access

The key to #1-3.Moving toward digital public services that are all in one place for better administration

Areas of interest



digitalizing from the inside out

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simple, streamlined & secure

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