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Max Gindt

Max Gindt


Peter Sodermans

Peter Sodermans


Infrastructure is like air: easy to forget about but impossible to live without. Pioneering projects need a futuristic foundation. If you can imagine it, Luxembourg’s infrastructure can support it.

We live at the forefront of connectivity and plan to keep it that way. Society expects instant access to people and information. Grab a mobile and distances disappear. From fiber optics to satellites to 4G technology, Luxembourg’s infrastructure won’t disappoint. Solid ICT infrastructure makes it all possible. Staying ahead and relevant relies on collaboration with everyone from NGOs to researchers. We focus our resources on technology that fulfils the wishes of citizens and businesses, letting them reach their full potential.

key objectives



The right path to tomorrow.Keeping Luxembourg at the front of the pack with smart, responsive infrastructure development



Not up to date, ahead of it.Laying the ICT foundation for technologies people and companies will want next


New Business

A global digital reputation.Attracting new businesses and investments to Luxembourg with high-quality digital capabilities



Transparent status updates.Informing stakeholders about Luxembourg’s ultra-high-speed broadband strategy and key news

Areas of interest



spotting trends and setting them

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data centers

high density, higher quality

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not fast, ultra-high speed

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