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Claudine Kariger

Claudine Kariger


The digitalization movement brings with it opportunities as infinite as our imaginations. With the necessary skillsets, every single citizen can reap its benefits.

An emphasis on digital literacy, inclusion and awareness ensures that the whole of society can prosper in these rapidly modernizing times. A tech-savvy workforce, empowered by diverse training programs, is a country’s strongest foundation. By equipping today’s employees and younger generations with the ability to harness technology, we ensure that digitalization positively affects all of us. A population with access to ICT education becomes a driver of innovation and can face change with confidence.

key objectives


Urgent Skills

Quick solutions for the now.Tackling Europe’s current digital skills shortage with recruitment events and trainings


Future Readiness

Smart preparation measures.Identifying and developing future-proof skills for tomorrow’s labor landscape


Supply and Demand

A balanced digital economy. Bridging the gap between education and the job market with supplementary programs


Digital for All

Diverse, accessible opportunities.Promoting digital literacy, inclusion and awareness so no one is left out of the digital movement

Areas of interest



a digital doorway in every school

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ict specialists

simplified recruitment

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labor force

ongoing ict development

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public awareness

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