Sparking childhood interest in technology via coding and app-based learning.

Children are the future. What better way to prepare Luxembourg for tomorrow than to prepare its youth? We’re helping turn app-based learning and coding into staples of today’s classrooms. Our goal is not to convert future artists into technologists. It’s to let every student come into contact with the wonders of digital. Instead of learning how tech works we want them to experience it. By making digital education as mainstream as literature or history, Luxembourg shapes a future generation with an intuitive understanding of technology. Today’s youth will be able to see the world through that lens.

Nurturing a passion for tech

When technology is a part of early learning, children develop a level of ease and familiarity that allows them to creatively apply and develop it. We want them to thrive in an era defined by digitalization and that begins with education. The tech-savvy students of today will become the innovators that sustain Luxembourg in the long run. Organizations across the country, right up to the Ministry of Education, are working to make extracurricular and in-class digital education available to every child.