Digital Luxembourg @AI hackathon: 48 hours with Luxembourg Tech School

The Financial Game of Life, an AI Hackathon by the Luxembourg Tech School

With new technologies working their way into the fund industry, we know that wealth management of the future will be different. But what exactly will it look like? Who better to solve that riddle than tomorrow’s digital leaders: the 15–19 year olds of the Luxembourg Tech School.

The two-day Financial Game of Life hackathon gave these students — our future investors and savers — the opportunity and guidance to deeply explore the application of artificial intelligence within the financial sector.

“Sometimes you just want to be free & be creative…”

Small groups of roughly three participants teamed up to pursue an idea. Along the way, mentors met with students to provide feedback and potential solutions for their projects.

One student summed up the environment well: “It’s our classroom. We do what we want to do. I think that’s great because you don’t always want to be told what to do. Sometimes you just want to be free and be creative and it’s the place I’ve been most creative those two years.”

The event started with the ideation phase, followed by mentorship and development, and concluded with pitches at a level that one would expect to see from seasoned startup founders.

After 48 hours, the idea that began as a few sentences on a piece of paper, took shape. While the enjoyment students got out of the hackathon was tangible, it also demanded immense focus and dedication.

Through events like the Financial Game of Life AI hackathon, the Luxembourg Tech School triggers the nation’s youth to think about relevant, game-changing technologies and craft them into real solutions. 

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