nyuko is the outcome of the merger of the Business Initiative association and the co-working platform Impactory, a new, unique venue located in the quarter of Hollerich in Luxembourg-city, whose aim is to promote an entrepreneurial spirit and to back entrepreneurship in Luxembourg.

Founded at the instigation of Nicolas Buck, a Luxembourg-based serial entrepreneur and chairman of Business Initiative since 2013, nyuko fosters ambition and creativity by enabling everyone to acquire entrepreneurial skills, to get a helping hand and to meet the “right” people – people who are able to contribute to the launch and early development of a new business.

The key selling point of nyuko is its network of experts – genuine coaches for young entrepreneurs who wish to launch businesses – but also and above all its network of potential investors, often vital to enable a business plan to take off.

nyuko offers 3 types of services:

  • nyuko learning: a programme of assistance and training accessible to all entrepreneurs in quest of assistance who want to learn new skills and to acquire new professional contacts,
  • nyuko sharing: a co-working space aimed at all entrepreneurs who are open to exchanges and collaboration,
  • nyuko funding: introducing entrepreneurs to potential investors from Luxembourg and the greater Luxembourg region.

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