Person working on a laptop in front of a library with old books and law books

Automated metadata extraction from legal texts (MELT)

Imagine typing in a personal legal question online & receiving a detailed, intelligent answer...

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Cisco building

Cisco & Luxembourg

Leading technology company Cisco is teaming up with the Grand Duchy to help accelerate its countr...

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Illustration showing data flowing

Free-flow of data regulation

Luxembourg''s leadership has long championed for the free flow of data as the essenceof a strong,...

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billboard reading open

Open data regulation

Open data fuels economic growth & innovation by multiplying the applications & value of i...

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Two gearwheels with the words regulatory compliance written on


Regulations are only effective if they''re applied. After passing GDPR, we want to help companies...

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Laptop with a transparent overlay of the flag of the EU and a lock to symbolize data protection


GDPR – a responsible answer to an increasingly digital world – respects both progress & o...

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Human holding mobile phone using AI app in Luxembourg City

Heritage for Future

In 2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Digital Luxembourg & the Service des Sites e...

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Guy wearing a VR headset to experience virtual reality

virtual reality

A mobile VR pavilion will be open to the public at different locations throughout the Grand Duchy...

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