Digital Assessment Tool

DigiCheck: digital assessment tool

For companies looking to digitalize, knowing where to start begins with knowing where they are to...

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CodeKlass: 25 students, 10 days, 1 goal

Free training course CodeKlass invites students of any academic or professional orientation to ex...

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Building information modeling

Construction projects typically resemble relay races — with architects, engineers, city officia...

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Nowadays, creative expression often arrives through digital channels – whether graphics, music ...

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Cisco building

Cisco's country digital acceleration programm for luxembourg

Leading technology company Cisco is teaming up with the Grand Duchy to help accelerate its countr...

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Automated metadata extraction from legal texts (MELT)

Imagine typing in a personal legal question online & receiving a detailed, intelligent answer...

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Free Flow of Data

Free-flow of data regulation

Luxembourg''s leadership has long championed for the free flow of data as the essence of a strong...

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Open data regulation

Open data fuels economic growth & innovation by multiplying the applications & value of i...

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