techtalk – #1 VR/AR/MR

Immersive experiences can (literally) transform the way we see the world. They provide endless opportunities for creativity and problem-solving, both recreationally and in the workplace.

In order of appearance, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are the acronymous trio that makes us feel like we’re swimming in tech alphabet soup. We’ve definitely heard of them, but do we really know what they are?

Time for a reality check as we bring them to the surface in this #TechTalk.

  • VR (virtual reality) is virtual objects in a virtual environment.
  • AR (augmented reality) is virtual objects in a physical environment.
  • MR (mixed reality) is virtual objects in a physical environment.

Uh, is it just us or is MR exactly the same as AR?! Yes. But no. MR is actually a mixture of VR and AR, where virtual objects can interact with real objects. AR is the overlay of digital content in the real world.

Imagine you “plant” a virtual tree in the middle of a real field. The tree stays in that very same place – you can even walk around it. That’s MR. Now picture a digital speedometer on a windshield. That’s AR.

Dive deeper by checking out some of these revolutionary technologies changing the world before our very eyes.

VR: Let your imagination run wild with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

AR: The real world enhanced with Snapchat lens, Pokemon Go and Proximie.

MR: By wearing Microsoft’s HoloLens, you can simultaneously interact with real people and holograms.

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