Webarchive.lu preserves the web & Luxembourg’s digital heritage

Explore the National Library’s platform that makes otherwise short-lived webpages eternal

The conversations around digitalization emphasize how it will change our future, but it has already changed our past. Libraries – guardians of that past in the form of books, newspapers and artifacts – have adapted to preserve the intangible pieces of our heritage: webpages.

Last week, the Luxembourg National Library (BNL) launched Webarchive.lu, the nation’s first platform of archived webpages, providing a valuable snapshot of the internet’s and society’s evolution.

Today, crucial discussions and pieces of information never take physical form. Given that 80% of all websites will be different or completely nonexistent within a year, the platform gathers and preserves Luxembourg’s web, with the greater goal of preserving the nation’s digital heritage.  

Triggered by the Regulation of November 6, 2009, the National Library now collects all documents published in Luxembourg, both digital and print. Additionally, it preserves a copy of all sites with the domain name “.lu” and all websites published by residents of Luxembourg.

To stay on top of its site-gathering objectives, the BNL holds regular “harvesting campaigns, ” often characterized by specific themes. Particularly extensive campaigns are carried out in collaboration with the American Internet Archive Foundation.

Exploring the web archive’s special collections offers glimpses into recent history – from municipal, national and European elections; to festival websites; to webpages covering the death and funeral of Grand Duke Jean.

Visit Webarchive.lu for a walk down memory lane.

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