WOOP conference 2019, for a world of possibilities

In March, don’t miss WOOP, a new kind of event on innovation in Luxembourg.

WOOP is not just a conference. It a place where top speakers such as Evgeny Morozov, Audrey Pulvar, Eric Sadin or Marc Giget come to explore topics such as artificial intelligence, digital sovereignty, transhumanism or the future of work.

As the organizers say, « the best way to predict the future is to decide it ». But where should we start ? 

The idea of WOOP is to confront opinions through a new concept :  battle conferences. 

Why not just Keynotes and panels ? Because never before technology had such an impact on our lives as today and it may be time to decide which path society takes. In other words, the future is already here, but nobody knows where it goes. 

This is why WOOP invites us to take our responsibilities and choose the future we want. 

Will Artificial Intelligence replace the human brain? Can we solve major problems thanks to Tech for Good? What will augmented humanity look like? Does blockchain encourage fraud or trust?

To explore the opportunities of tomorrow and find answers to these questions, WOOP brings together some of the most relevant entrepreneurs, journalists and decision-makers to help us better understand the issues of our time.

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